Don't get the wrong idea about us leggy cockteasers. Sure, we like to get you excited by giving peeks on the street, but it's not just because we're busting your balls. We'll give you a real foot show so you can get some relief from the fetish ache in your brain! We don't just tease for YOUR pleasure. No, it's a Victorian idea to think that women don't get something out of all this teasing...we get a lot out of it. Our pussies grow wet inside, and we need relief too. We like to see you going crazy over our pussies and legs, and asses and feet, because it gets us turned on...and having you suck our soles gets us turned on, too. So...SUCK!
Kristina & Carmen
Maria Bellucci
Valentina & Andy
Nikki & Sophie
Marlie Moore

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